Monday, March 6, 2017

Opportunities to Collaborate in 2017

It looks like I have another busy quarter and great opportunities to interact/collaborate with many folks on the advancement of Intelligent Digital Businesses Platforms and BPMs role in better business outcomes. I hope we can chat in the next few months :)


Date               City              Sponsor             Content

3/7-3/10      San Fran          Google              Next
3/19-3/22    Vegas               IBM                    Interconnect
4/7               Web                 Aragon              Digital Business Platforms
4/18-4/20    Santa Barbara BPM.COM         bpmNEXT
5/11            San Fran          Aragon              Executive Dinner
6/5-6/7        Vegas              Pega                   Pegaworld 2017

Net; Net:

I look forward to interacting with many to move the intelligent & digitally equipped processes into the mainstream.

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