Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Always Time for Change in the New Digital World

When most organizations think of business & technology transformation, they shutter as it requires one to target an end game and put in loads of effort to transform to that end game from today's business models and underlying infrastructure. This aversion for change is going to morph radically in the next few years as the digital technologies will allow for the steady in incremental change that will support "constant transformation". Those organizations that do not buy or create a dynamic business platform that leverages flexible technology are going to find themselves in a race to avoid whir pool of extinction.

Adaptable and Emerging Business Models:

Today organizations are hungry for business models that give them distinct advantage. This is just the beginning of a never ending cycle of having an advantage over traditional and non traditional competitors. Organizations are likely to incrementally transform to a new business models and those who use process, applications and technology that are "built for change" will likely avoid large and expensive transformations in the future as business models can emerge and transform smoothly over time. If your organization is faced with a business model today or in the near future, make sure you build it on emerging processes and applications that are supported by emerging and additive technologies. You can build, buy or assemble, but put emergence at the top of the list.

Adaptable and Emerging Processes / Applications:

Processes and applications that have, at a minimum, fast development and maintenance and at a maximum the ability to auto change based on new goals and SLAs will at a premium. Many of the old generation packages, data driven or not,  and bespoke coding environments are not capable of speed and low code. Sticking with this kind of base of applications and processes is begging for a change to wipe out your organizations ability to compete. Processes and applications are changing faster and faster, so get app and process capabilities that support easy emergence and change.

Adaptable and Emerging Technology:

The integration and data infrastructures must also be built for change. This means that it is either parameter of rule driven at a minimum and self configuring at a maximum. There is a ripple effect on the dynamism of a business model that starts with agile and dynamic infrastructure, accelerates with agile / dynamic processes and applications that can be configured by both business and IT experts.

Net; Net:

Prepare for an incremental transformation of your technology, processes and applications that will lead you to changing your business model as trends emerge. This will be the one time transformation that will allow you to transform on a continuous basis.

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