Thursday, May 21, 2015

Announcing a New Series on Dark Events

You have heard about "Dark Data" and "Dark Processes", but I'll bet you haven't thought about the impact of "Dark Events". The potential upside and downside of dark events is certainly something to understand and pursue. In the coming weeks, Ed Peters and I will be doing a series on "Dark Events". We will identify the opportunities and threats of dark events and dark patterns for you. First let me introduce Ed Peters, whom I've collaborated with for a goodly number of years. He was and still is part of my dark network of collaborators and one of my heroes :)

Edward M.L. Peters. Ph.D. is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and executive. He is known for bringing innovative technology solutions to market and is a published author, media commentator and is a frequent speaker at industry events.  Dr. Peters has appeared nationally on CNN Radio and has authored a number of articles for publications such as The Financial Times, Forbes, IDB  and The Hill.  Contact-

Outline for the Series on Dark Events:

1. Dark Events- An introduction 

2. Dark Event Discovery and Analysis- Illuminating the un-known(s) 

3. Dark Events, Dark Process and Dark Data- The trifecta of digital darkness 

4. Dark Patterns

5. The ROI and Value of Uncovering Dark Events 

Net; Net:

This is my first guest blogger and I think you will find Dr.Ed  Peters worthy of  your attention.

Case Studies on Dark Processes:

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