Monday, December 22, 2014

Up Coming Events for Collaboration / 1Q 2015

Things are shaping up for an exciting 1st quarter of 2015 for me. For those who want to interact on the role of decisions and process in the digital organization, we should have some good opportunities to discuss emerging trends. I hope to have some interesting conversations and identify great case studies to publish in 2015.


Date           City                Sponsor                 Content

1/19        Orlando             PEX                        Process Excellence Week 2015
2/23        LasVegas          IBM                         Interconnect / Digital Economy
2/25        Scottsdale         DST                        DST Advance User Conference 
3/9          LasVegas           Kofax                    Transform User Conference 
3/30        Santa Barbara   BPM.COM             Defining the Next Gen Process

Net; Net:

The first quarter of 2015 looks to be aimed at producing better business results with the emerging methods, techniques and technologies that surround mobile, social, cloud, big data analytics, decisions and emerging process actions. The biggest benefit for me is to connect or reconnect with a strong network of change agents. 

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