Friday, October 10, 2014

BPM in Banking Conference Delivered Revenue Ideas

We all know process can deliver cost savings, visibility, time to market results and accountability, but can BPM deliver revenue and customer satisfaction that drives revenue? This conference has three major themes of revenue generation, delighting customers and process futures. The financial service industries are trying to leverage the new digital opportunities afforded by BPM and other methods and technologies. I have highlighted some great sessions below

Sorry for the delayed posting on this event, but my computer went haywire and I have been spending most of the week getting it back to some state of acceptance.

Revenue Sessions:

Case Study: AgFirst Farm Credit Bank
Case Study: Using BPM to Increase Revenue and Meet Customer Demand
Scaling Morgan Stanley's Delivery Capabilities Through Idea Generation and Measurement

Customer Satisfaction Sessions:

Business Interactions Changes Forever, Starting Today!
Collaborating with Customers Co-Create Cross Functional Solutions at Citi
Leveraging BPM for Customer Excellence and Revenue Growth

Futures Sessions:

BPM Dodd-Frank and What's Next?
How FIBO Drives Digital Transformation of the Financial Industry
Creating a Foundation for Success, Establishing a BPM Center of Excellence

Net; Net:

This was one of the best events for using process for revenue and satisfaction in addition to the traditional cost savings aspects of BPM. I sure hope they repeat this event with a wider audience eventually. Getting a hold of some of the presentations would be advised for those who did not attend.

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