Friday, August 1, 2014

Thanks for the Prayer & Support

Death is not a kind visitor, but the kindness of those in and around the Sinur family has been as spectacular as Andy's legacy. We have felt the prayers, kind thoughts and warm words and we are truly grateful. We a sorrowful about the loss of our beloved Andy, but we rejoice in the love of God, family, friends and associates. Thanks !!!!

There were 110 registered guests from 7 states at the memorial that was a sweet send off. There were very few dry eyes in the audience as we listened to some of Andy's favorite tunes, eulogies from Emilie, Beth and myself. We were assured about Andy's relationship with God now as a saint from Dan Lind, Senior Pastor at Faith Bible Church. We only hope God enjoys him as much as we did. While we can't individually thank everyone, but here were some of the highlights:

Wonderful Flowers & Plants: Disney, US Army, Steve Sinur, Wagner family, Roberts family, Froelich/Stamps family, Mazzarella family, Michelle & Robin Yount, Benoit  & Esther Lheureux, Debby Bannan Schwendler, Ed Peters & several others.

Memorial Donations: Paul Hessinger, Frank Hein, Howard Dressner, Bob & Sue Turner and James & Carol Sinur.

Memorial Gifts of Mini Chucks, Balloon Release & Quilt patches: Tia Mazzarella, Beth Sinur, Jim Sinur and Kaitlyn McGuin

For those who are tolerant, I have a hand held video of the slide show to Andy's preferred memorial song. Enjoy :)

Continued prayer support for Emilie Sinur, Keegan Sinur and Karson Sinur would be coveted.

More about our precious Andy:

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