Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blog Activity for the 1Q 2014

I thought you might find it interesting what folks are interested in reading about process related topics on my blog. It is interesting to me to see what gets hit the hardest, so I can plan future postings for you. First are the top ten blog posts to date.  The up and coming subjects were around delighting customers, machine intelligence and big processes. 

Next are the hot topics in the last 30 days as shown below, but notice the interest in bpmNext, the digital organization, smart processes and collaboration. The surprise for me was the art projects. 

Where in the world are the hits coming from?  The US is always number one by a wide margin and is not shown here. There is no surprise that UK and Germany are at the top, but I am surprised that Japan is much lower than I expected. France and India seem to be coming up higher than in the past.

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