Monday, September 2, 2013

Don't Stop Believing in Change

Reaction to change is quite dependent on how we as participants believe. The secret sauce of change is how the aggregate of individuals respond to the change. Obviously culture, history and communication are crucial to the success of change. If the culture is stodgy, the odds are stacked against change success. If the organization has had a history of failed change, you have a big challenge. If  the communication of the new change is not targeted and not clear, good luck. I think "belief" is the bigger issue than all of these combined.

Belief in the Change Authority:

If the person(s) in charge of the change is someone who you feel has a handle on their job and has a reputation of success, it's easy to buy into the change. If the person(s) have either and unknown or mixed history, there will be a period where people will be watching carefully. Reputation and past history can play a key role here. A new face sometimes helps in this situation as they may get a honeymoon period.

Belief in the Motive of the Change Authority:

Belief about the motive of the person(s) who is charge of the change is crucial. If the change authority is viewed as having the best interest of the customers, employees, partners and business owners in mind, the change will be viewed as slightly positive even it it means some personal pain. If it is skewed heavily in one direction, there is great threat to the outcome of the change effort.

Belief in the Goals of the Change:

If the goals of the change seem to be on point with some known and visible measures of success in place ahead of time, the change has a good chance. If the goals are unrealistic, not just a stretch, you are fighting up hill to begin with for any given change. This is why incremental change towards transformation is a helpful aspect of business process management.

Net; Net:

Belief is the key ingredient to success, but the most important belief is the one that surrounds you. The result of the change, short or long term, really isn't as important as your belief about yourself. If you ever get confused about your worth and value, in the midst of change, remember the words of my personal favorite song. "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. It has gotten me out of many of a funk :) Ignore the 80's look, but listen to the words and feel the emotions.

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