Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Art Projects for 3Q 2013

It has been a hectic quarter with completing a new book with some strong authors and consulting. Despite all the new consulting activity and new volunteering efforts , I was able to finish some art projects. I was commissioned to complete a skate board by my buddy "Don Ho" Crist, who actively skated with Tony Hawk. It turned out pretty cool for Oil Paint on wood.

 My youngest daughter loves the Brooklyn Bridge, so I surprised her on her birthday with a special work printed on metal. This was a done with my new 24 inch HD WACOM board. She loved  "Sun Rise Bridge".

 I also want complete a fractal that was softer in texture and came up with "Dream Catcher"

 For a view of my whole portfolio, see www.james-sinur.com :)  Fractals are printed on metal and paintings can be on canvas or metal. 

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