Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Innovation Envy Can be Cured with Process

Like it or not top executives have innovation envy. Executives consistently rate innovation high on their list of desirable outcomes. They are keenly interested in the most admired companies and the best places to work. The problem is that there is no common definition of innovation. The interesting phenomena is that you automatically know innovation when you see it.

I have seen some pretty interesting innovation with process implmentations. Here are some of my favorites, but there are many more out on my Gartner blog:

Air Operations at Heathrow
Optimal Time Surgi-Center Management
Optimal Traffic Management in Sydney
Aggressive Mergers with Core Processes
Revenue Uplift
Balancing People and Profits
Time to Market Adaptation for Wealth Management
Process Mining for Resource Optimization
40% Increase in Farm Yields Through Moisture Management
Incremental Transformation Yields Business Growth with a Better Customer Experience
Business Lead Transformation Yielding Business Expansion

Net; Net:

Process is one of the great ways to scratch the innovation itch

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