Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Process vs Data Debate: Really?

I watched one of the more disconcerting debates in email recently. People were lining up on oppositie sides of the process versus data driven disuccsion. This is such an old saw and so off the mark. We are living in a world of convergence where collaborative drives to met to create a better technology experience. Like Gartner's Nexus that brings together social, mobile, cloud and information, we need to think about synergy; not division.

I think the discussion should be around bringing business process, business rules, information and algorythms to create the synergy that generates intelligence in business operations. We live in a world that demands "smarter, faster and goal directed" to keep customers, markets and reputations in harmony.  The organizations and vendors who truely deliver the intelligent operations platforms will win the day going forward.

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