Monday, January 23, 2017

AI For Great Decisions

Divining great decisions is elusive, in that, there are many factors besides the speed that is required in today's fast paced world. Decisions require considering more information and contextual impact than ever before. The need for speed with increasing complexity begs for technical assistance from Cognitive AI. This post will look into three of these factors and how cognitive powers can be applied to assist the decision maker. 

Assisting Knowledge Intense Decisions:

Knowledge based workers and high level professionals can benefit from an AI assist. AI can search, read, understand and categorize various sources of unstructured data such as documents, voice and video faster than any human. Teams of researchers can't even keep up with AI especially dealing with emerging new levels and sources of information. Wouldn't you want your most trusted experts assisted with the latest information worldwide? If so, AI can help.

Assisting Algorithmic Intense Decisions:

Today great decisions can be made by having the right set of algorithms applied in the the proper sequence to come up with optimal decisions. Analytics or poly-analytics can be further leverage by using cognitive assists to decide on new combinations and sequences replacing the human trial and error application of filters and algorithms.  Predictive algorithms can be enhanced by machine learning and cognitive AI as a side benefit. Wouldn't you want a suggestion on what analytics to use? If so, AI can help. 

Assisting Situation Intense Decisions: 

AI can consider assist the decision maker by considering all the contexts that could be affected by a decision while iteratively gathering additional information on the impact of a decision or a series of decisions strung together over time. This is a difficult task for most of us. Wouldn't you want an understanding of the impact of a decision on all of the contexts it might affect. If so, AI can help. 

Net; Net: 

We need to move the needle on decisions by collaborating with AI / Bots as well as other people. The day of isolated decisions is drawing to a close. Even if you were as smart as they come, you can't compete with the speed and complexity that AI can attain. Why not leverage AI as a collaborator in your decisions? 

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