Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Processes: You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

It is more important than ever that a company understands and optimizes their processes, but until now it was an arduous effort to model expansive processes. Getting bogged down into insular modeling efforts that sub-optimize at best and arm people for change resistance at the worst.  By leveraging business process analysis (BPA) as a service you can have bigger scopes and the consensus to implement change. “BPA for the masses” can span divisions and enterprises.  On-prim BPA has never really achieved this due to cost, politics, or lack of resources.  BPA as a service can remove these roadblocks. 

Organizations are represented by their processes that engage customers, employees, partners, stakeholders and the community they operate in on a regular basis. These processes represent the organizations face to each of these constituents. Processes have proven to help organizations operate efficiently at a lower cost, raise revenue in competitive markets and deliver innovation with the collaboration business visionaries. Needless to say processes and the cases they operate on have a great contribution to desirable organizational outcomes. It is important to understand your current processes, at a minimum, to make sure they optimize results. At a maximum, target processes plus transitional plans to get to the target processes for differentiating organizations should be mapped with along with incremental improvements along the way.  

While model driven change appeals to organizations because of the desirability of visual communications, typically there are tangible benefits during both process development and process execution. First there is reduced time to results in process improvement efforts and can be accomplished in weeks on smaller scales. Secondly, the cost of operations can be reduced in the range of 15 – 30%. Last, but not least, customer response time during operation can be reduced from 20 – 30% allowing for higher customer satisfaction scores. BPA as a service adds an additional savings in that there are savings of 20 -30% over non-cloud approaches.  Here are some of those additional benefits listed below:

        Time to Market Results Because of Ease of Starting
         Flexible Scaling of Efforts
        Mobile for Modeling Anywhere
        Leveraging the Wisdom of the Crowd
        Democratization of Process Knowledge for Faster Cycles of Improvement
        Leveraging the Cloud for Central Sharing & Availability
        Location Neutral Collaboration with Multiple Physical Locations
        Time Neutral Collaboration with Multiple Time Zones
        Global Compliance with Engaged People
        Reduced Analysis Paralysis
        Social Collaboration Enabled

Net; Net:

BPA is an important discipline, but is sometimes considered arduous. BPA as a service makes process analysis speedy and effective.  This will encourage more of the collaborative nature of BPA that is needed to deliver effective change in organizations today. BPA as a service changes the analysis game to more of a “time to market” approach while increasing the scope of participation and collaboration.

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