Monday, June 9, 2014

PegaWorld 2014: The Digital Pressure Increases

This year the PegaWorld attendance zoomed over 3000 in attendance and audience was treated to great line up of sessions. It's clear that Pega has something special going on, in that, it has been designated as one of Forbes most trusted companies. Alan Trefler started the sparks flying by stating that organizations can't side step the march towards digitization that gets rid of the friction between lines of business and enables better partnering with IT. The digital organization will be outcome driven and aimed at transformation over time. This means that organizations will have to be digital by design which will require the power to engage customers, the power to simplify and the power to change. Through incremental transformation with intelligent, agile, and case powered processes, organizations will develop the proper rhythm of change.

Alan then introduced an acronym that he felt would make a huge impact on organizations and the processes that support them. SMACT combines social, mobile, analytics, cloud and the internet of things to enable the true transformation to digital organizations. This has guided a number of acquisitions by Pega in recent years. Pega PRPC has been augmented with more social (Fire Fly), more mobile technologies (Antenna),  and more analytics (Chordiant & Mesh Labs).

Vodafone then told the story of how they have increased revenue and reduced costs by intelligently leveraging Pega PRPC.

A panel of three clients Lloyds, United Healthcare and the FBI shared their success with Pega. Lloyds has transformed from simplification and cost reduction efforts to customer engagement driven with digitization. United Healthcare is trying to improve customer service by getting the customer out of the middle between providers and rigid rules. FBI is trying to predict bad events before they occur.

Kerim Akgonal talked about a new and omniscient version of CRM that leverages super big data that combines customer and context data to deliver emerging actions. He then demonstrated a brilliant example of a mobile interaction with an insurance company while Kerim tried to find and buy a motor cycle. Anyways, Kerim only qualified for a scooter that he drove off the stage.

The process of absolutely everything was explained by Bruce Williams and Setrang Khoshafian. They explained how there would be billions of things linked to processes over the next decade and there were great opportunities for innovative processes. This was followed up by a demo drama showing a mini drone checking oil pipelines for faults. Once the cracks are found, a crew is dispatched to deal with the problem.

Net; Net:

An exciting first day that promises to lead to another tomorrow. The digital organization is unstoppable. Read more about the behaviors of the Digital Organization.

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