Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Agents Can Effectively Bid for Process Activity

Agents are intelligent by nature therefore they can bid on process activity. This gives the process director more options as they seek to deliver ever increasing value and business results. In fact a process director could set up an agent to govern the bidding process for agent selection leveraging policies and constraints that could change dynamically. This encourages a competitive environment with resource performance monitoring.

Agents Provide Heterogeneity:

Agents can be software or humans See http://jimsinur.blogspot.com/2013/09/agents-have-power-of-intelligent-and.html . More importantly agents allow for more precise selection for the business goals that are in effect at any particular moment in time, assuming proper measures of success are established and captured.

Agents Free Up Investment Funds:

Since the agents leveraged are already trained for their specific tasks, organizations do not have to invest in skills development unless the organization considers the skills necessary to own in it;s own agents. This takes the idea of out-sourcing and super-charges it. This is only true, however, if proper measures are established and tracked (including quality).

Agents Allow for Better Capacity Management:

Agents can be quickly cobbled together for business expansions driven by new campaigns. Agents can be quickly dismissed as business winds down as well. Both of these actions can be accomplished in a time to market fashion.

Net; Net:

Agents allow for great flexibility for changing business conditions and can be managed dynamically through bidding. With proper performance measures we can avoid some of the downside of past sourcing models.

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