Thursday, March 14, 2019

Opportunities to Collaborate in 2019

This year is spooling up nicely with my new participation with Forbes as a contributor. The blog themes for 2019 so far have been around digital predictions and automation topics, particularly RPA. I expect to continue down the automation path and include assistance to developers with forms of low code. Don't be surprised if you see an announcement about a new book as the details are being worked as of this writing.

Obviously, you can reach me via my blog or you can email me @, but chatting face to face is so much better. Here are the events that I have on my agenda


Date               City                  Sponsor                   Content

3/16            Phoenix              Conception Arts      Art Show                
4/15-4/17    Santa Barbara   BPM.COM                 bpmNEXT
6/3-6/5        Vegas                 Pega                          Pegaworld 2019

I look forward to interacting with many as we move to intelligent & digitally equipped platforms. For more art like the above see this link

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