Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Digital Maturity Model Now Available

Most digital maturity models are aimed at the technologies used. While this is important, technology alone doesn't buy an organization digital maturity. There a many other aspects to digital maturity that are related to how organizations focus their energies. There is a strong emphasis on building skills and capabilities in the beginning along with innovation through experimentation. As organizations mature they need to be better at change management as a fair amount of fluid change emerges out of the digital capabilities. As organizations reach the higher levels of maturity, they can focus innovation and change on shifting goals, patterns and business scenarios

Why a Maturity Model is Priceless?

Remember when you were a kid?  You measured your height next to a door frame in your house and your parents would measure you each year. Now you look back on those marks with fondness. A maturity model sets those marks for you to reach and implies progress towards becoming more digital. This maturity model helps both business and technical professionals measure their progress and give them sign posts. Knowing you are heading the right way is certainly priceless when you are on a long journey. It's like an overarching map of progress.

Where Can You Get More Detail?

You can scour much research and search on google, but this is much too labor intensive. I tried this approach and really came up with little, so Aragon and I created one we thought would help. I would suggest you follow this link to the research note we created for participants in the digital journey. Further more I would attend a free webinar on June 24th at 10:00 AM PT and take advantage of the free inquiry that goes along with the free webinar.

For a Webinar on Digital Disruption and Maturity Link Here 

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