Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Disruptive Rise of the Digital Business Platform

Organizations that are facing a digital transformation would benefit from having and leveraging a Digital Business Platform (DBP). Up until now there have not been a description of just what a DBP is, what it does that is different and how to recognize one and when one see's a real DBP.

Vendors looking to help organizations transform and ride the digital wave need to understand what a DBP is and how to either qualify as one or partner with one to leverage the rapid growth of the DBP market that is forming as we speak. 

I have written a paper for folks to read to get in front of this trend and here is the outline and the link to follow

Table of Contents

Identify the Right Digital Business Platform with a Logical Architecture
Potential Market Size and Impact
Digital Business Platform Architecture
Major Characteristics of a Digital Business Platform
Major Elements of a Digital Business Platform 

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