Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ITESOFT & W4 Better Together as a Digital Business Platform

This is an analysis of a recent acquisition of W4 by ITESOFT. While W4 alone could vie for being a Digital Business Platform (DBP) as a process driven only player, the new relationship with ITESOFT now allows for the creation of smart process applications in areas where ITESOFT has had strengths. By gathering new partners to build a more diverse set of process applications on the capable and growing digital platform, ITESOFT/W4 becomes an interesting player worthy of note. If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to be digital, please access the free white paper I wrote on the potential of the ITESOFT/W4 combination.


Executive Summary

ITESOFT offers financial strength, longevity, growing and able architecture with many customer case studies to proves the point. As their customers approach their digital journeys, more examples of digital innovation will emerge. With W4’s acquisition, ITESOFT now offers a competitive platform for not only expansions for the verticals they currently serve, but new verticals and partners with a differentiating process centric approach.

See my recent post on potential digital platform partners where you will find ITESOFT/W4 listed


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