Thursday, November 21, 2013

Open Text Has a Big Opportunity to Push Process

Open Text has decided to name their strategic process engine and this is a good move. Now that it has done so, it is a good time to examine all of it's other technology stacks and leverage their strategic choice. In addition, OT has support for various vertical solutions that could also benefit from the strategic process engine choice. See

OT is being good about supporting process visibility across most of their process engines through the use of former Manager View (Now Process Intelligence). There are bridges from each of the large usage engines thus allowing for consolidated views of end to end processes. In addition OT is unifying the UX for the process engines and other key technologies and allowing for the leverage of sub-processes in various engines. It is going to take a while, if OT keeps it's eye on the ball, but a gradual move can be accomplished.

Net; Net:  OT is a a much better position today to compete in the process markets (iBPMS & BPMS), but OT will have to keep it's focus on process and intelligent business operations. We will see.

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