Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Big Race for Big Data Utilization: Applications or Processes

We all know that big data is a great help for off-line deep thinking business problems. This will continue to be one of the major drivers for big data and poly-analytics. I think there are two other contributing streams that are trying to speed up the thinking process and leverage big data plus poly-analytics in-flight. They are applications and processes in tandem or separately.

Applications and Big Data Analytics:

Applications are great for best practice implementation and for standard processing, but they always have had problems with recognizing when a new practice or a better practice may be needed. Big Data analytics will help discover sooner when a standard transaction or sets of transactions are no longer "the best".  In addition, if the parameters, specialty data and rules, that drive the applications are held "in memory", the responsiveness of applications change from intolerable to business tuned.

Processes and Big Data Analytics:

Processes are great for real time status and dynamic agility to adjust to changing conditions. Processes can dynamically configure, manage or measure people and system resources.  Until recently have not had the kind of analytics to intelligently manage the agility they posses to adapt to changing business conditions and new desired outcomes. Big Data analytics can help discover where processes need to be tweaked in near real time and keep processes on point to changing goals.

Who Cares?

Businesses that want optimize or capitalize on trends should really care how they leverage Big Data and Poly-analytics. It can mean the difference in revenue per hour worked and the satisfaction of customers or partners. This is not only deep thinking, but faster thinking for business edge.

Net; Net:

I believe applications have the early lead in applying big data analytics to date, but process is closing the gap fast.  As processes and applications instrument for better analytic behavior and make themselves more consumable, by event driven agents for instance, businesses will be able to be proactive and reactive in balance. We all win :)

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