Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Thank You Aragon Research !

As of January 18, 2019 I will be leaving Aragon Research to be independent again. I really want to thank Aragon Research as I was given freedom to define new markets and interact with some very special folks. At Aragon I was able to further refine the Digital Business Platform(DBP) that I roughly outlined in October 2015  and create a Customer Journey Mapping rating for Aragon. Besides covering BPM, RPA and Low-Code I was able to learn about many new areas in and around collaboration.

Aragon has shown brilliance in establishing Video Research as a leading way to consume research.  Leveraging Aragon's Technical Spectrum allows analysts to work in early markets for which I am grateful. In addition to these ground breaking approaches to markets and research, Aragon established "Hot Vendors" for vendors that offer unique and valuable products and services for clients. I will certainly miss the genius of Jim Lundy as leader of research and CEO.

I will miss Adrian Bowles for his great insights and close collaborations. I will miss Ken Dulaney for his sense of adventure with new gadgets. I will certainly miss the great support of our marketing folks in Patricia Lundy, Kadie Woodford and Colt Kneder. I really appreciated the timely payments from our CFO Paddy Sweeny-Lundy :)  Our sales folks were a blast to work with to close deals. Thanks Bob Sweeney and James Lundy. Last, but not least is our tireless admin Elsa Perez. I had a great time with the tight family atmosphere and will miss our great offsite activities.

Now onto new adventures going forward :)  Keep in touch with me leveraging the following:

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