Thursday, January 14, 2016

Top Skills that Build Digital Competencies

In the last post I identified the top competencies that digital organizations had to build over time. In order to jump start the progress towards these competencies, there are top skills that business professionals, technology professionals and entry level workers would ideally posses. Even if the skills are not complete, effort to acquire them is what most organizations will be looking for in the future. Here are the top seven skills by category:

Business Professional Expertise:

User Experience Design
Data Leverage
Business Architecture
Domain Knowledge
Business Analysis
Project Management
Application Specification or Development

Technology Professional Expertise:

Logic & Creativity Combination
Mobile & HTML5
Android Development
IOS Development
Social Media
Project Management

Entry Level Hire Expertise:

WiFi Setup & Operations
Cloud Back Up
Photo Editing or Video Editing
MS Office or Google Drive
Website Configuration
Basic Coding
Individual Branding via Social

Net; Net:

Organizations looking to compete in the new digital era will be picking people that can get them there, so this is my initial shot at the skills that will be valued today. Over time these are likely to shift as the race for digital differentiation intensifies. Security is the one area that supersedes and is one of the primary needs in the digital world we are creating

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