Monday, February 23, 2015

IBM's InterConnect 2015 is Really a New Way Called Hybrid

IBM is really driving the point home with real case studies this time for it's audience of 21000+ participants at this years InterConnect. As IBM revs it's engines with it's aggregated and focused technologies, it is starting to impact businesses in ways I haven't seen for a long time. On the mobile front, IBM paraded many client success stories that included innovation as well as linking differentiating business functionality on top of legacy application and technologies. If fact IBM is putting hybrid as a theme for cloud, decisions and process. While I did not get to attend any IoT sessions, I suspect the similar hybrid theme was there though real time plays a bigger role and might be difficult to combine with slower application assets.  The Digital Transformation is playing a key role in IBM's New Way and many of the trickle down sessions plugged back into building infrastructure, skills and partnerships to deliver that transformation. To IBM's credit, they had many real examples and case studies. Some ideas were still in the early mode, but they still had spotlight shops that had something implemented. Good for IBM.

Mobile First:

I saw real case studies that used customer journeys and were actually aimed at young and innovate social focused customers.

Hybrid Cloud:

I saw real case studies that went beyond the normal cost cutting efforts by eliminating capital equipment and software to actual processes that delivered business benefits

Cognitive Computing:

I saw real case studies where Watson, good for knowledge work, applied heavily in several medical examples. IBM also realizes that there is more to the man / machine balance than an assist from just Watson.  More to come.

Smart Process:

I saw a number of interesting case studies around process, but they seemed to be some repeats from Impact 2014. I would like some more fresh and large scale process portfolio successes. Hybrid shared processes across organizations; not just opportunistic coupling of API apps even though they were interesting.

Big Data Analytics: 

I repeatedly heard of the importance of real time analysis of growing cashes of event, social, IoT and traditional operational data.

Net; Net:

While the kinks in the two mega hotel logistics and the complexity of combining three conferences in one got in the way many times, IBM ponied up great content and stories to overcome the pain of a difficult venue. I can't wait until next year as I have to leave early afternoon tomorrow, but it will be interesting if clients can make many of IBM's rich technologies work together without intense IBM support.  

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