Tuesday, January 20, 2015

PEX Week 2015: Customer Excellence Through Process Innovation

As always PEX Week is filled with case studies a plenty with very few non case study sessions. There are so many case studies that it's hard to sort them all out, but here were some my favorites.

As pictured above, Michael Lee of Rolls Royce talked about their experiences of including the administration processes along with the manufacturing processes. As rigorous as RR has been in designing and manufacturing jet engines that take us everywhere safely, they were still improving all their processes in the area of quality, timeliness and costs.

Peter Fingar gave a speech on BPM and Cognitive Computing that gave a status of the next generation of AI and it's potential impact of civilization and processes specifically. He was summarizing his latest book entitled "Cognitive Computing" that was available for sale that day for the first time along with his other book on the Next Wave of BPM. Both are available on Amazon. This wins for the most scary session.

Marjorie Hook, from HP, gave the strategy that HP is using to doing a company turn-around without disrupting their customers. This is all being done over a 4 year period that includes a company split and new /exciting products surrounding storage, 3D printing and 3D scanning and replication.

Suzanne Ryder gave a presentation on how an organization, mostly made up of creatives and acquisitions were brought into consistency over time, particularly the financial related processes.

Dr Louis Blatt, of Pegasystems, gave his top ten techniques for dealing with change and disruption. He asserts that you need to prepare for disruption and lay a strong base for it. This session wins for the most pragmatic session for dealing with change. See his ten areas below:

Angel R Garcia got us all hoping with salsa music, videos and common sense approaches for applying process improvement to the creatives in Univision, a media company aimed at the Spanish speaking community until now. This wins for the most entertaining session.

Sisir Padhy, of Verizon, gave a great session on how to build an innovation center and explained how Verizon selects and funds innovative customer process efforts inside and outside of Verizon. The best slide of the day sits below and describes the multifaceted innovation center inputs.

Net; Net:

While there are still sessions to go and the PEX awards are still coming, this is the best line up at PEX Week that  I have seen to date. Many of the key sessions were recorded on video and I expect there will be down stream uses.

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