Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kofax Transform Day 2: Deeper Dive

After digesting a number of sessions, it is clear to me that Kofax not only has the executive vision to play deep in the smart process world, it also has the technology. I tried to taste sessions around all of the Kofax technologies and came way feeling good about their technology. The technology pieces that I would deem as minimal to draw together over time with traditional Kofax capture technology would be as follows:

Total Agility(KTA)           Business Process Management
Kapow                            Synthetic Data APIs or Bots
Altosoft                            Real Time Business & Process Intelligence

I was able to find proof of stable use of all of these product lines and progress towards a future road map that is aimed at adding features and integrating. I was actually impressed with a number of case studies on each separate technology. Kofax now has all the pieces to complete intelligent processes that leverage social, mobile, cloud, analytic and real time response. Just yesterday Kofax announced Total Agility in the cloud with full multi-tenancy, so the progress continues. 

Impressive Case Studies:

VISA Leveraging Kapow Bots (minions) and KTA for data gathering from partners in an approachable manner instead of a forced march to a VISA dictated format

Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania building nested and overlapping Altosoft dashboards by role for better business results with better patient care

BAE leveraging Kapow to sniff multiple social, operational and internet sources to find cases of child abuse in less than 24 hours

Net; Net: 

Kofax has carefully crafted a solid tech portfolio to match it's vision. They will be encouraging their client base to upgrade to smart processes to delight their respective customer bases. I fully expect to see double the impressive case studies a year from now.

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