Monday, November 11, 2013

Launching A Process Transformation Effort with a Bang

Often organizations get bogged down into where to start a process effort. There are a number of traditional approaches that organizations tend to traditionally pursue such as pockets of optimization and cost savings opportunities. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, I think there are more opportunistic approaches. There is one pattern that is emerging that is worth pursuing with vigor. Combining incremental revenue generation within the context of a desired transformation.

Raising Revenue to Multiply Opportunities:

During down times cost savings gets a lot of attention, but today raising revenue is the mantra of the CX level; particularly the CEO. By focusing on raising revenue these days is just a smart tactic to win an opportunity to do something bigger. When there is no process vision at the top, this is essential until confidence is built around process efforts. I am seeing more emphasis on customer on-boarding which means that organizations are kicking off a period of competition on speed of revenue acquisition driven by better processes.

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Designing a Transformation Target and Roll Out:

If you have visionary management that believes that process can get the organization to new or incremental outcomes, defining a transformation target and plan is essential. If you have incrementally built to a point where designing a transformation makes success, getting a consensus and program defined is an important planning step in designing a transformation that will really work.


Incrementally Delivering Transformations:

Many organization have chased expensive and large scale transformation efforts, but few have delivered the desired results. Today organizations have gotten smarter and tried incrementally achieving results by leveraging the agility and changeability afforded in modem BPM methods and technologies. Decades ago there were only a handful of successful transformations, but today I am seeing many successful transformations that leverage existing systems and incremental techniques to either compete better or to leverage apparently burning platforms


Net; Net:

While I have personally worked on successful large scale transformations, I sure would have appreciated the kinds of plans, methods and technologies available today for transformations

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