Monday, February 2, 2015

Cognitive Computing Book is a Must Read

If you buy the idea that machine intelligence is a good thing or not, it's coming on strong from a number of directions. From a thinking perspective, we will need super fast machine intelligence to sort out all the uses for the big data we are gathering. From a sensing perspective we need a machine assist to work on the human to machine interface. Certainly dealing with the Internet of things, that operates in a nano-second mode will require forms of machine intelligence. Today, we see intelligent personal assistants helping doctors with treatment plan options and their relative statistical success rates to support combating cancer. It's a matter of time before a personal assistant might help you with dealing with customers as a generalist instead of a specific and narrow function such as billing.

Why Take Time and Read This Guide for Game Changers?

If you want a preview of where the next generation of digital platforms are going
If you want to gain a lay of the cognitive computing land for planning purposes
If you want to challenge your critical thinking process and get ready for the change
If you want something that is powerful while condensed to save time
If you want something well written and easily consumable for basic understanding

Peter Fingar does a great job of getting one introduced to the Cognitive Computing era and challenges your mind to see new opportunities as this era rolls out in the next decade or two. This is a must read primer and can peak your interest for further reading. While there are scary ethical issues that surround this kind of technology, it will be a great help to extend the knowledge and power of humans and the organizations they deal with as an employee, customer, stock holder or partner. I particularly like scanner links to helpful videos, but I made sure I wasn't on a flight to leverage these over my phone. This is a must read and it is reasonably priced.

Where Can I Get This Book?

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