Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DST's Advance 2014: Insight Plus Actions Equals Results

Advance is being held in Orlando Florida as I write this blog and I have to say that DST is showing it's extremely loyal clients the way forward. Traditionally, DST was quite focused on the financial industry, but now is widening it's appeal to many other industries in order to drive growth. To that end, DST has accelerated it's features in AWD (BPM technology) to be more friendly, more analytic and inclusive of case management features.

To move it's conservative client base to the new world, DST is showing how new revenue can be added to the mix by leveraging "Big Data Analytics". DST now has significant resources for service engagements around revenue generation and will be enhancing it's new technologies to work "hand in hand" with AWD to generate the "Next Best Actions"  These actions can not only raise revenue, but help with "Delighting Customers" and specific smart packaged process based applications. Since DST is fantastic at serving it's loyal clients, these words ring true.

Now DST has invested heavily in this approach by buying the Lateral Group and focusing them on packaging services, extending "Big Data"  functionality and build smart applications. This combines the strength of DSTs analytic capabilities with the strength of DSTs process capabilities. This should leverage the big investment that DST has added to AWD in case management and role based work. The temptation for their clients is not to think the same old way and get innovative in applying these new capabilities over time.

The challenge for DST is to encourage their existing client base to take advantage of the great investments that DST has completed in AWD and by buying and incorporating Lateral Groups fantastic technical and people assets. The new clients, that DST has gotten recently, seem to focused on the new products and services. DST is working hard to see that the existing client base sees the value and moves forward with them as a trusted partner. I am impressed with the thoughtful way DST is handling this transition to the new and agile world that is focused on revenue growth, customer care and efficiency.

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