Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

There are many reasons to celebrate Halloween. There is the celebration of the harvest and the laughing in death's face as traditional reasons. There is also the chance to be someone else and garner fun and some candy as more modern reasons. On the serious side,  I just was hoping we would all take stock in our blessings, so we can continually give thanks for the blessings we have these days among the turmoil that is bubbling world wide today.

On the less serious side, we have an excuse to have some good fun. To that end I though I'd like to share one of my best friends, Donnie Crists new song.(hit the band camp link).  It is so appropriate for Halloween. Its called Girl Friend Frankenstein. She broke his heart, so he is putting on the train out of his life. Also as an ironic twist, my artist son Andys (RIP) Dia De Los Muertos costume. He was a gifted artist. Checkout the face paint job below.

Have a great Halloween season, but don't forget to think about your blessings as they can all of a sudden disappear.

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