Sunday, August 31, 2014

Up Coming Events for Collaboration / 2nd Half 2014

Things are shaping up for an exciting second half of 2014 for me. For those who want to interact on the role of process in the digital organization, we should have some good opportunities. I hope to have some interesting conversations and identify great case studies.




Date           City                Sponsor                 Content

9/9          Web Event           DST                       Insight to Action
9/16        Web Event           Open Connect      Improving Employee Performance
9/17        Web Event           Software AG         Process Analysis as a Service
9/18        Atlanta                  Software AG         The Future of BPM
9/30        Chicago                BPM in Banking   Changing Business Interactions
11/4-5     San Francisco     Tibco Now             BPM Panel
12/10-12  Las Vegas            Gartner BPM        Agent Technology / Book Signing

Net; Net:

I hope to see you or chat with you sometime soon.   

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